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18th Street Gang Hitmen services have been discontinued. We have been attacked by law enforcement, and they managed to interrupt our servers by running denial-of-service attacks over database servers.

As a result we have closed down our services to protect our customers. All orders have been deleted. All messages have been deleted. Bitcoin for unfinished jobs will be returned to the customers. You can use other hitmen services available on the internet.

Tor Tor Browser http://hitmenb7tvinpyf7.onion.voto - a complete hitmen guide with reviews of lots of hitmen sites, saying which are real and which are fake.

With Normal browser http://hitmenb7tvinpyf7.onion.voto.ws

http://6fum7nmdlbkrir24.onion.voto - another hitmen guide, there you can also know about real and fake sites and get necessary information.

With Normal browser http://6fum7nmdlbkrir24.onion.voto.ws

You can choose a site from there and get your job finished.

Anyone wanting to contact us for any reason, please send us a email at waiw@secmail.pro